E komo mai

Welcome!  Step into the heart and soul of my website, Rainbowheart. I am touched that you are here. I am an energy and intuitive communicator, Akashic Record Reader and Akashic Record Certified Teacher.  I work , through touch, in-person or from a distance . . . time nor distance separates us.

Listen now to my Aloha Greeting!

May you feel the love and radiance that is extended to you always; and may my heart, eyes, ears, hands and sense of touch be the mirror, the catalyst, for you to remember the essence of who you are.

Please visit the various sections of my website and make sure to check out my special corner, Kia’s Reading Room to see what’s on my shelf that I have found inspiring.  Just click the photo to your right to enter my private library!  And send me your books of inspiration!

I am often asked where my gift of intuition came from and how old I was when I first realized I had this ability.  The answer is that, like you, I had this gift always and over the years it has changed as I have grown and gone deeper into the “mystery” that is my life as a spiritual energy in the world.

Each of you, no matter what your circumstances, also has this gift.  It is simply a matter of discovering it and opening up to the flow of spiritual energy and practicing listening to the small voice within – the voice of your intuition.

It brings me great joy that I can be Spirit’s messenger to relay the truth of your gifts to you.

May your life be blessed with a community of loving people who support you.  My two favorite four- letter words are:

Love and Play

I’m originally from Hawaii and now reside in Upstate Kingston, New York.
Check my schedule!

Please use the CONTACT form on this website if you have questions for me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

In this sacred dance of life and synchronicities, may joy, blessings and love fill your heart as we walk hand in hand and listen deeply to each other.  I am blessed by your presence and your willingness to heal and feel the oneness of all.

Sincerely aloha,

Kia Abilay

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