“I recently misplaced valuables and a quick call to Kia and they were located very quickly!  She has a keen eye for seeing at all levels and was able to direct me were to find them.” - Francine Duff, nurse, healing touch practitioner

"A healing session with Kia Abilay is a profound gift.  Kia creates a safe and sacred space in which healing can happen on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Whether in person or long-distance, Kia also provides clear and actionable intuitive information as to what is happening in the energy field and the physical body.  I treasure my sessions with Kia - they are like monthly tune-ups for my energy system.  I can't imagine a more important thing to do for my health and well-being. . .   and she makes me giggle!!" – Cathleen O'Connor, www.cathleenoconnor.com

"As a busy health professional, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the physical world.  That's when I turn to Kia to get guidance and wisdom from her connections with the Spiritual world. She has helped me greatly in my own personal and spiritual growth and given me much insight to solve personal issues.” - Dr. Maria Colucciello

“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Kia.  After meeting at her at Omega five years ago I have kept in touch with her over the telephone and internet.  She is one of my trusted advisors.  Her insight is compassionate and wise.  She has always encouraged me to continue to listen to myself.  Kia is a joy both in person and over the telephone.” - anonymous

“Your reading was very moving.  It reminded me, with a jolt, to think of Nina in a spiritual way, and not just about her earthly well being.  That leaves a lot more room for loving connection.  You also conveyed delights and dislikes that sure sound like Nina.  Thank you for giving Nina such a heartfelt and sensitive hearing.”
Mother of Nina, an autistic young adult.

 “Kia has an intuitive ability to sense problem areas. Her therapeutic touch provides a conduit of healing energy which results in balance, calm, and peacefulness.”